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We provide these services from Southern Novato and Ignacio to Marinwood and Terra Linda. Dogs still need exercise in bad weather too and we walk rain or shine. On hot days, we carry lots of water for the dogs and stay in the shade as much as possible. All dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered. 

I'm Cooper! Cooper's Mom

Group Dog Walking

Dogs absolutely love group trail hikes and when we arrive to pick them up, they act like we're Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Ice Cream man and your favorite grandma all rolled into one! Our dogs are well-socialized and the group walk can help younger dogs learn proper behavior and provide older dogs with a friendly group to play in. Only dogs with excellent recall are allowed to be off-leash. Our group walks take place up in the hills on fire roads so everyone gets a really good work out. We never walk groups on city streets.

45-55 minute trail hike

1 dog - $25, 2 dogs - $40

Individual Walking or Visits

Are you working late or going out right after work and can't get home? Going away for a weekend and would rather keep your dog at home? We'll walk and feed her in the evening and morning.

1 dog - $25, 2 dogs - $40 per visit

I'm Bo!
I'm Cooper! Cooper's Mom

Puppy or Senior Dog Potty Breaks

Puppies need lots of attention and frequent potty breaks. We let them out and walk or play with them and reinforce your training and house breaking. Senior dogs need love and sometimes frequent potty breaks, too.

15 minutes - $20, 30 minutes - $25

Vacation Cat Care

While we seem dog oriented, we also know, love and own cats! Cats don't always adapt quickly to new environments and staying somewhere else while you are away can be very stressful for them. Let her stay home in her comfortable surroundings. As your cat sitter, we visit your home, feed, refresh drinking water, clean the litter box, bring in newspapers, mail, packages; water plants, take garbage cans in/out and most importantly, play with and cuddle or brush your cat. 

Our visits are once a day, in the afternoon.

15 minute visit - $18, 30 minute visit - $25

No additional charge for multiple cats. Up to four.

I'm Bo!
I'm Cooper! Cooper's Mom

Dog Day Care

Instead of your dog hanging around alone at home all day, he can come on a group walk and hang at our Novato house for doggy daycare. We offer flexible scheduling and evening pick ups, too. Day care is available on a limited basis.

$36 per day (Includes a group walk)

Overnight In-Home Boarding

When you go on vacation, having your dog stay at our house in Novato is like having her go on vacation, too. We limit boarding to two guest dogs at a time and are a great, cage-free alternative to kennels. We have lots of activity and people around so your dog is rarely alone and a daily group dog walk, if appropriate for your dog, is included in our rate. Animal care is a family affair at our house. And, of course, there's Bo!

1 dog - $60 per night - 24 hours, 2 dogs - $80 per night

Puppy Boarding - $70 per night

I'm Bo!
I'm Cooper! Cooper's Mom

Overnight Petsitting

If your dog does better staying home, we can stay with them. Because this is what we do, we're not gone at work all day and a walk is included in our rate. Remember, you're hiring someone not only to stay with your pet, but your house and all your possessions, too. This is definitely the time to hire a pro.

$55 per night - 24 hours - includes a walk

Evening Care

Are you having a dinner party or having pet-allergic or pet-sensitive guests over? We'll take the dog to our house for an evening out too.

$36 for up to 6 hours

I'm Bo!
I'm Cooper! Cooper's Mom

Non-Animal House or Garden Care

We also offer house sitting if you need someone to check on your home while you're away. We water lawns or plants, tend gardens, bring in mail and packages, bring in newspapers, turn on/off lights, take the garbage out and make sure your home is secure.

$15 per visit

For Evening Care and Boarding, there may be a $10 fee for areas beyond Novato/Terra Linda if we pick up or drop off your dog for you.

Group Walks are Monday through Friday, major holidays excluded. All other services are provided 7 days per week, including holidays, with no extra charge for holidays. 

We accept cash, checks, Venmo and PayPal. Licensed and insured.

Because I'm usually driving or walking dogs, email or text

is preferred.


We're on facebook and yelp too, but we don't believe in soliciting reviews or asking friends to write reviews on our behalf.

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